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You have found my math site which was created to help some of my former students. This site is an on-going work in progress and will be updated periodically. Thanks for your patience!

But, there's still a lot of FREE math worksheets here but you'll have to do some snooping around to find everything.

To get to the worksheets: follow the navigation to the left based on the subject you're looking for! Each index has a tips and tricks section (help) and an introduction to teaching/learning the skill.

BTW...Here is some nifty graph paper: graph paper #1 and graph paper #2

This site contains more than 4,800 math problems for students pre-kindergarten to high school who need help learning to count, write numbers, understand place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, prime numbers, composite numbers, least common multiples, greatest common factors, factoring whole numbers, fractions and lots more.

All these worksheets you can print for FREE by using your browser's print function. For most browsers, pressing Control + P (the Control button on your keyboard plus the letter P) will bring up the print menu. Our site is setup to be printer friendly so everything should print nicely.

The purpose of this site is to help you, or the learners you are responsible for, learn the basic math skills people need to survive as individuals and as part of a group here on Earth. I heard once that the amount of knowledge man has is doubling every three years. Iif this is the case then we have some overwhelming educational tasks before us that will require our undivided attention.

We must continuously develop the skills needed to understand all this new knowledge to determine what fruit or spoils it brings. We must prepare ourselves and others to make informed decisions which will enable us to assimilate new knowledge into our society intelligently. In other words, we'll need skills to decide what new knowledge is fruit worth harvesting and what is spoiled. And a third part of the task before us (and is human nature) will be to uncover yet more knowledge.

Given this scenerio, education will need to accelerate AND become even more of a life-long activity for those of us who care about and celebrate this planet and it's future. It is with this care, spirit and trust that I bring you these pages. I hope they are useful to you or the one(s) you are instructing.

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This site is funded by people like you who understand it's expensive and time consuming to operate this site. Thanks in advance for your small contribution!

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