Math Links

MathWorld Here’s a great algebra and higher level math site. These people have done a great job of indexing their stuff so it’s easy to find….and easy to understand. The best part of this site is that it provides step-by-step solutions for algebra problems. I highly recommend this site for your higher achieving students.

The website appetizers and lessons for mathematics and reason is directed toward high school or higher level learning and teaching. It has a great section on curriculum standards that should be very helpful to homeschoolers and others wondering where math education is coming from and going to…check it out!

Here’s a link to the Math Forum at Swarthmore College. This is a popular site but I find that it’s difficult to find stuff. One strong point is that everything is there if it relates to math…visit it but it requires hard surfing to find exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s Swarthmore’s Ask Dr. Math Site, too.

Here is the link to the Mathmatics Archives in the UK. There is so much math here it boggles the mind. Yes, everything you’d want to know and MORE. Very well indexed site by math subject and grade. Check out the section on lessons.

This is where you’ll find The Math League. Let me say, that I use this site for scope and sequencing of the curriculum on the Math Web. It’s really a good resource with a help section that’s second to none. All math help is covered in sequence. A very good-don’t miss this site. End of conversation! Comprehendo???

Here’s a US Government math site. This site has some math exercises that may be useful in your classroom…not high level. Compare to the Japanese site and you’ll see why the US is having trouble with math.

This is the RHL School Math Worsheet site. These are other teachers doing cool things!!! Lower level math worksheets available here…be sure to check out the other education resources there and visit the links section, too.

Here’s the link to a Canadian Word Problem Site This site has just been updated and has a slug of new word problems for K-12 learners.

Ok let’s say the principal is going to stop by for an observation and you need a state-of-the-art lesson plan…following me so far? Well, if that’s happening to you I’d normally feel quite sorry for you, but not any more…Math Lesson Plans is here to save the day. A must see sight!! You’re welcome!!!

This link takes you too lesson plans for everything it follows along with the last site. Just in case the principal stops by before math class.

Here is another links page of math and science resources for teachers by a teacher. Very good site!

Here’s a word problem site that has problems for the K-7th grade learner. It’s very well done and I recommend it for special ed. kids. The site is called Math Stories.Com.

Here’s a German math site called Maths Online. This site has added some new interactive math lessons and updated recently. Neat site that I recommend you check out.

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