Beginning Word Problems

This section tests a learner in the following math strands (subjects or areas)

The learner will:

Use the formulas below to help you solve questions in the following section.

measure square.gif To measure the area of a square, multiply the side “s” x the side “s.”
measure rectangle.gif To measure the area of a rectangle multiply the length (L) of one side by the width (W) of another.
measure triangle area .gif To measure the area of a triangle, multiply 1/2 x b x h. Using a calculator, enter “.5” “x” “whatever base is” x “whatever height is.”
measure circle area .gif To measure the area of a circle, multiply 3.14 (pi) x radius x radius. Using a calculator, enter “3.14” “x” “whatever r is” x “whatever r is.”
measure circumference of a circle .gif To measure the circumference of a circle (how far it is around the circle), multiply 2 x 3.14 (pi) x radius x radius or 3.14 x d (diameter). Using a calculator, enter “2” x “3.14” (pi) x “whatever r is.” Or enter “3.14” x “whatever d is.”
measure volume of a cube.gif To measure the volume of a cube (how much space is inside the cube), multiply Length x Width x Height. Using a calculator, enter “whatever the length” x “whatever the width” x “whatever the height.”


Sample Problem

Which of the following numbers is less than 15?

  1. 13
  2. 18
  3. 21
  4. 16

The correct answer is A. (13)

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