How This Site Got Started

As a special education teacher, I was always looking for math curriculum for my learners. Like most special ed. teachers, I would have 10 learners in a class with 10 different ability levels which required me to scramble all over the school to look for suitable materials. Additionally, when I went to read OR write IEP goals and objectives, I was always befuddled by where the learner’s ability lay and equally befuddled by what I wanted them to achieve in terms of measurable goals and objectives.

So, I started this site off a little homepage in 1998 so I could have everything I wanted in a math curriculum in terms of both scope and sequence. I owe a handful of donors for giving me the opportunity to make this bigger site happen.

What Are The Plans For This Site?

For The Teacher:

The plan for this site is to provide you with all the tools you need to teach K-12 math and to write and measure math goals and objectives for your learner’s IEPs QUICKLY, EASILY AND RELIABLY.

The titles of the math worksheets are worded to use as objectives when writing IEPs. For example, if the learner is beginning addition, one of the IEP objectives could say:

Here is the printable graphs that you can use to graph the performance of your learners in accordance with Curriculum Based Measurement (CBM) *(Fuchs).

NOTE: There is an area on the bottom of most worksheets where you can write in the number of correct digits your learner has earned. It’s there to help determine a percentage score and to assist with Curriculum Based Measurement.

For scoring, if a learner gets one out of two digits correct in an answer, they would earn one correct digit. Likewise, if a learner got two digits correct in a two digit answer, they would get two points. Divide the learner’s number of correct digits with the number given on the worksheets for a percentile score.

For The Learner and Their Parents:

The plan is to provide you with access to the same curriculum materials the school is using. Use these worksheets to build a math portfolio that can be used to monitor past and present academic achievement and future goals and objectives. This way teachers, parents and learner all know what’s been accomplished and where to FOCUS ATTENTION.

Other Benefits You’ll Receive

As you can see, this site doesn’t require you to order math curriculum. What this means to you is that Rick’s Math will have what you need when you need it no matter what ability level your new learners turn out to be.

Another feature is that Rick’s Math will be the same year in and year out. After touring this site, you’ll be able to quickly and easily find what you need and get back to helping your students learn math. Hopefully, I’ll eliminate your need to buy math curriculum at all. To download these worksheets you’ll need to use your browser’s print function. Then, go to a copier and copy all the curriculum you need. If your school has one of Xerox’s new Docutech systems this will cost you approximately .009 cents per page!

Thanks for visiting!


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