Word Problems

These word-problems suit a wide range of learners (4th grade on up ???).

See page #0 for the skills needed for these problems.

Print out these worksheets and have fun learning!

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Here are the answers to the above problems: Answers to Word Problems

You will get word problems listed according to the grade, by theme. Though the grade levels are the guideline but you should judge accordingly. The basic requirements to the word problems are reading, comprehension and math skill. Those who struggle to solve the basic equations of mathematics may have found it hard to solve these word problems.

Word problems are dynamic in character. Usually the words of the particular problem never changes, only the number changes. It is always better to practice the same word problems with different numbers as it acts as a confidence builder. Moreover, writing the word problem in nice equation is always better because it often helps children to solve that with ease.

Phrases – There are some guidelines that you must follow to solve word problems easily. You need to interpret phrases like “twice as much”, “X’s 3 years from now” in the appropriate way because once these phases get clear to you; half of the problem will be solved. You must also identify variable so that you are able to get a clear understanding of these as often some word problems are over expressive to add an element of confusion.

Numbers – Numbers also play a very important role in word problems. You should have a clear idea about relationship of numbers and knowledge about the certain things like sums and multiples, consecutive numbers and possessing the art of minimizing the number of variables will always help to do the problems much more easily.

Unit labels – You should also have a clear idea about unit labels as you may be required to convert one quantity to another to solve the problem. Unless, you have a clear understanding of the unit labels, you won’t be able to do the proper conversion.

Age problems – Solving age problems is also a vital step in mastering the art of solving word problems. Age problems should be dealt with patience. You need to understand the problem very clearly to understand the equation of the age.

Finance problem – This knowledge will help you through out your life. Unless you have a clear knowledge about factors like interest income, total amounts and partial investments you won’t be able to solve finance problems and the best part is once you acquire the knowledge, it will help you throughout.

Time and travel – Another important aspect of word problem is time and travel. There are different types of circumstances like train moving towards each other, moving in different directions, going against wind. All of these factors pay an important part in solving the problem. Therefore, you should have a clear idea how each of those factors affects the results.

Geometry Problems – Last but not the least, problems related to geometry is also extremely important as the particular branch of mathematics is always in use in the practical world as well. Therefore, you should also give proper emphasis on Geometry as well.

Miscellaneous – Factors like mixture of various concentrations, quadratics, areas or linear problems are also an integral part of word problem in mathematics. There is no short cut in learning these, as you need a very clear concept about all those factors. A clear concept will only help you to get those problems done without much hassle.

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